Security You Control

Every document you put into your LifeKeepers safe is encrypted ON YOUR DEVICE with your own password, before uploading into our secure cloud storage area.

Every day, people put personal and confidential information and attachments into emails, assuming that no-one will be watching. The truth is, lots of people and machines are doing just that. Watching, storing, searching, and cataloging the millions of emails that are sent around the world each day.

Your message touches tens and possibly hundreds of machines before getting to its destination. It is likely that your email client is sending your message through an encrypted tunnel to your email server, but when it gets there, where does it go? While waiting to be send on to the next station or it's destination, it sits on a harddrive somewhere. That drive may or may not be encrypted. Even if it is encrypted, your email is readable to anybody who has access to the machine that the drive is attached to? Your information is just sitting there for the taking. It is also likely that the drive with your email is being backed up, likely in some other region. Those backups could be moved to long term storage, maybe some other admin staff are reviewing the logs on the drive as they do their daily goes on and on.

Your information is not safe unless YOU encrypt it. We can help with that.

  • You have the only password for your file, we never see it, or know it, or store it for you.
  • Your files NEVER sit unencrypted on our servers. Ever.
  • Any files shared with others through LifeKeepers remains encrypted through the entire process
  • Organize your life documents into drawers, anything can be anywhere.
  • Your stuff is still in the cloud, so accessible from all your devices.

Know your files are encrypted

Files are encrypted on your own device using world standard algorithms. You set the only password for that file, rendering it's contents meaningless to hackers, family members, co-workers, and whoever gets ahold of it. That includes us.

Safe Sharing and Document Transfers

Being able to share important documents easily with your legal team, realtors, and your employer is imporantant.

Upload an encrypted PDF into Lifekeepers and share it with anybody via an email link. It's encrypted right to the other end -- and they will need to know the decryption key before they can see it. Their own device will be doing the decrypting, not some machine out there in the cloud.

A Safe Place for All Your Stuff

Even if you have your stuff all over the cloud, your family and friends don't know where to find it. Maybe you can't remember where it is!

Put your stuff into drawers in your safe. Encrypted, organized. Private.

If you don't want to move it...fine! Make sure to put the links and access codes into an encrypted note to yourself. Make sure to know where your important things are.

Contact Us

For more information on how we can help you exchange and keep your important stuff more secure on the web, start using the lifekeepers app. Feel free to contact us at if you have comments or concerns about how we make the web a safe place for your stuff.